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26,99 EUR*
Details Bayer Design 93829 - My Piccolina Interactive Puppe, 38 cm

My Piccolina Interactive ist eine süße 38 cm Puppe mit 26 Funktionen. Wenn man ihr Bäuchlein drückt, hört man echte Baby-Geräusche. Wenn man My Piccolina Interactive ihre Flasche gibt oder vor ihrem Kopf winkt, wird sie ihren Mund bewegen und macht ...

17,51 EUR*
Details Interplay: Interactive Design (V & a Contemporary)

Interplay What constitutes good interactive design and what qualities lie behind the work of the most original designers in this rapidly evolving field? V&A Contemporary Curator Lauren Parker highlights the latest work by leading practitioners to ...

58,00 EUR*
Details Interactive Information and Interface Design

Inhaltsangabe:Problemstellung: Unternehmen aus verschiedenen Bereichen haben die Entwicklung von Internetangeboten in ihr Dienstleistungsportfolio aufgenommen. Dazu gehören vorrangig Kreativ- und Internetagenturen, Unternehmensberatungen und IT ...

74,89 EUR*
Details Interactive Systems Design, Specification, and Verification: 7th International Workshop, DSV-IS 2000 Limerick, Ireland, June 5-6, 2000 Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Interactive Systems. Design, Specification, and Verification The papers from post-proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems, 2000, are organized in sections, including: designing ...

42,95 EUR*
Details Information Visualization: Perception for Design (Interactive Technologies)

Information Visualization A guide to what the science of human perception tells us about how we should display information. It outlines the key principles for a range of applications and designs, providing designers with the tools to create ...

29,55 EUR*
Details Ravensburger 07501 - Tiere dieser Welt - interactive Puzzle, 3 x 35 Teile

Ravensburger® 07501 0 Tiere dieser Welt Ravensburger-Kategorie: Ravensburger Interactive Puzzle Farbabweichungen und Änderung der Designs vorbehalten Preis pro Stück Neuerscheinung 2012. Achtung! Verpackung ist kein Spielzeug. Verpackung vor dem ...

4,34 EUR*
Details Ravensburger 07504 - Welt der Musik - interactive Puzzle, 3 x 35 Teile

Ravensburger® 07504 1 Welt der Musik Ravensburger-Kategorie: Ravensburger Interactive Puzzle Farbabweichungen und Änderung der Designs vorbehalten Preis pro Stück Neuerscheinung 2012. Achtung! Verpackung ist kein Spielzeug. Verpackung vor dem ...

49,17 EUR*
Details GUI Bloopers 2.0: Common User Interface Design Don'ts and Dos (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies)

GUI Bloopers 2.0 Looks at user interface design bloopers from commercial software, Web sites, Web applications, and information appliances, explaining how professionals make these mistakes, and how you can avoid them. This book covers bloopers in a ...

21,02 EUR*
Details Strategy for the Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Display System for Management Planning

Lang:- eng, Pages 78. Reprinted in 2013 with the help of original edition published long back. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality Paper, re ...

31,56 EUR*
Details The Inform Designer's Manual

The Inform Designer's Manual Since its invention in 1993, Inform has been used to design hundreds of interactive novels and short stories in eight languages. This text includes a critical history of interactive writings and the university games of the ...

18,95 EUR*
Details Get Agile!: Scrum for UX, Design & Development

Scrum is a project management tool enabling people with different skill sets to strategize together. This manual is aimed at everyone who works on interactive products in a design and development environment. It contains all of the basic information ...

34,80 EUR*
Details Interface Cultures: Artistic Aspects of Interaction (Kultur- und Medientheorie)

Interface Cultures From media art archeology to contemporary interaction design -the term interface culture is based on a vivid and ongoing discourse in the fields of interactive art, interaction design, game design, tangible interfaces, auditory ...

17,50 EUR*
Details Trudi 36017 - Tablet Tasche Haifisch

Trudi-Kategorie: TRUDI MORE-TRUDI INTERACTIVE Grösse in cm: 27x20x9 Farbabweichungen und Änderung der Designs vorbehalten. Preis pro Stück. Neuerscheinung: Januar 2015 Achtung! Verpackung ist kein Spielzeug. Verpackung vor dem Spielen entfernen ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook

Interactive and experiential journal introducing prayer practices to teenagers Space for teenagers to record their own thoughts on the practice and to read what other people have said Ideal confirmation gift Fresh, contemporary design This book is ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Whitaker's World of Weird

Whitaker's World of Weird An irresistible, interactive guide to the world's weirdest phenomena, facts and figures. Every spread reveals a new surprise, including weird things to make and do. Text is arranged in short, punchy sections and quirky design ...

10,89 EUR*
Details Hagen Living World Bungee Play Bouncing Perch

Colorful, interactive Bungee perch with crunchy Cotton Covered Sisal Ropes designed for medium and large hookbills;Promotes exercise and play;Safe for your bird to chew;Multi-colored design provides visual stimulation;Measures 12 inches long (coiled)

15,99 EUR*
Details Let’s Make Some Great Art

Let's Make Some Great Art This interactive book is packed with stimulating ideas to spark your creative imagination. You can complete the Mona Lisa's smile, or design your own Jackson Pollock. There are step-by-step instructions for how to draw a bird ...

49,90 EUR*
Details Prolog and inductive reasoning: a logic programming language

PROLOG and Inductive Reasoning This following research presents the design and development of a diagnostic medical system. The proposed system provides an interactive and adaptive environment through which symptoms are linked with illness. Each new ...

85,19 EUR*
Details Little Helper 121MD033MA80153 Hypoallergener dicker 3D-Kinderspielteppich - Farbenfrohes Design Stadtverkehr mit dreidimensionalem Fußballplatz, Parkplätzen und Straßen, 80 x 150 cm, blau

Little Helper's IVI exclusive 3 dimensional play rugs are designed to stimulate and encourage children's play in a creative, entertaining and interactive way with room for friends to join in. IVI is the first and only brand that has specialised in ...

21,41 EUR*
Details The Complete Idiot's Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

The Complete Idiot's Guide to HTml5 & Css3 Create dynamic, interactive websites with HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 are the newest revisions of the primary standards for structuring and styling web content - major updates that enable designers and ...